Friday, July 15, 2005

Its time.....

It took me about 20 minutes on what I should start with. This is because I don't have the habit to write or type something more often. I heard people 'maintaining' personal diaries etc. which they say is a good habit and keeps them mentally healthy.

For me, I never had to do that because I hardly used to think of anything else and lot of the time my brain is blank without any thoughts. I tried to 'maintain' a diary during my engineering days, but as would be the case.....not for long. Maybe it was not a good time as there are many other things to do in those four years.

My mother says that I can remember things from my childhood and she boasts about my memory. Wow! that was long time back. In the recent years, I started forgetting few things, stopped thinking about other things for the simple reason that I was not thinking at all! I guess there was too much work after that.....and ..........well.....thats about it.

So its time for me to keep track of few important/nasty/petty things that might help in remembering something or help me (or others) to improvize as a person. Also, I think there is nothing wrong in trying out few things other than the routine. Explore.......explore.....

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Deepthi Tondupally said...

Yes Its time to start writing the blogs again.
Great start :)

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