Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Rahman's music

Music is a great healer I guess. Atleast, it works for me. Nowadays, most of them hear to some or other kind of music to keep themselves relaxed. I keep myself occupied by closing my eyes and listen to the rejuvenating music of A.R. Rahman.

There are always some sounds that pull your heartstrings and remain close to you. These sounds are usually well tuned in a song by Rahman, which makes one to listen to them repeatedly. You see a lot of hardwork put in each song. No carelessness, no lack of dedication. But simply splendid delivery of tunes. Also, one thing that should be noted is that, even the singers sing pretty well and give their best in Rahman's songs.

One needs to draw inspiration from him and learn the art of concentration and dedication to one's work. He's a remarkable genius!

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