Saturday, October 01, 2005

Quik Trak Kiosk!!

Me so happy. Me a little tired past couple of weeks. Me having a lot of work and a lot to prepare. Me always crib about things as usual. So me back to square one.

Had good time at Baltimore. Everything is splendid and pompous. I had little time to spend but the time spent was worth for the day. But it was a lonely affair. Going to Stony Brook LIRR alone to New york. In the train alone, in the hotel alone, walking around alone, presenting the poster alone and coming back alone. I think that day I spoke only few words, that too to myself. But thats ok, once in a while one should love oneself to be alone and experience how it would be.

So BMES Conference is over. Now more on the other presentations for the BME 540 course and then work in the lab. It was a failure in the past 2 experiments. So a lot to do.

On other note, I can blabber on something I like as always. Rahman is a genius!! Nobody will understand that. Well he creates magic and personally heals me from all the stress I may have. So me back to listening music now.......................................

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Deepthi Tondupally said...

I envy Rehman... oh my god, rehman is so lucky to have love of my man..

You are no more you are married.

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